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         “SIMPEX” JSC  was formed in 1991.

The main areas of the enterprise activities are:

1.Engineering- construction and designing, serial manufacture of ecological goods:

       -Water purifying filters NEROX, production of which refers to high-tech sphere. Engineers and designers of the enterprise developed and patented the whole line of the unique models of membrane water purifying filters. NEROX filters are produced on the basis of TRACK MEMBRANE, the application of which refers to NANOTECHNOLOGY. This material with unique purifying properties had been applied for the first time by our enterprise in water refinement devices.

       -Water bioactivators NEROX-ACTIVE on the bases of natural minerals: shungite activated zeolite, black flint, different bioceramics and other materials.

       -Smell absorber – biosorbates NEROX-FRESH on the basis of zeolite and activated carbon of different origin.

2.Joint manufacture of water treatment equipment with different companies- from domestic purifiers to water purifying equipment of high efficiency.

3.Designing, assemblage and support manning of water-purifying systems of any efficiency and complexity in apartments, cottages and systems of water treatment for production sphere.

4. Selling and marketing the water purifying systems of any type and domestic filters at own retail network AKVAMIR.


Inventions of the enterprise were awarded with many rewards:

  1. 1994- National Prize of Ukraine “Invention of the year” for the best invention of the year “Domestic filter for water refinement”;
  2. 1994 – International award of the European Quality Club for “ Reached quality”;
  3. 1996 - The first prize of the United Institute of nuclear researches (Dubna, Russia) for the research “Creation of new track membrane and its application in biotechnology, medicine and ecology”;
  4. 1997- Simpex enterprise is awarded with Gold prize “For quality” by European club of trade leaders for designing and production of domestic membrane  filters for drinking water purification;
  5. 2001- Gold medal of the fair winner “The best products of Russia”  for the active introduction of the unique water purifying technology on the basis  of track membrane application;
  6. 2001 – Gold medal “ Ecologically safety production” at the International Fair “Ecologically clean production”;
  7. 2001 – Gold medal  “For the practical contribution to health strengthening of the nation” issued by Russian Academy of natural sciences named after I.I.Mechnikov;
  8. 2001 – Gold Medal “ For practical application of ecological technologies”, issued at the Fair “ Domestic commodity producer”, Moscow, Russia;
  9. 2001 – Gold Medal at the International Fair “Gurman”, Moscow, Russia;
  10. 2003 – Contest laureate “The Best products of Crimea – Crimean quality” at the nomination “Manufactured products for population”;
  11. 2003 – Gold Medal “Ecologically safety  product” at the exposition “Ecologically clean and safety production” Moscow, Russia  for unique membrane technology of drinking water purification;
  12. 2004 – Contest winner “Construction. Farmstead – 2004” , Kharkov for high expertise in preparation and promotion of new technologies and services at Ukrainian market”;
  13. 2006 – Winner of the national business- ratings with awarding the rank – Branch leader according to the main activity “Production of  other plastic goods”;
  14. 2006 – Laureate of the First all Ukrainian  contest “ European vector”;
  15. 2007- Simpex enterprise was rewarded for promotion of modern water purifying technologies on the Crimean market at the Fair “Philosophy of interior 2007”;
  16.  2009-Winner of the national business-rating  with awarding the rank – Branch leader according to the main activity “ Production of other plastic goods”.


The main filter element is LAMINATED MEMBRANE. The process of track membrane lamination is difficult, laborious and important. All filtering properties of track membrane are preserved, but laminated membrane excels ordinary track membrane in 15-20 times, that gives additional firmness, improves operating properties, hence filter capacity is also increased 

Membrane technology of water purification refers to the technology of gaining the most pure substances. That’s why the application of track membrane has many advantages among other water-purifying systems. These benefits are recognized by leading experts on water-refinement at research and scientific establishments in many countries. Engineers of the enterprise make joint designing and application of track membrane with the experts of United institute of nuclear researches, having exclusive right to use track membrane for domestic water-purifying facilities.

 In process of manufacture each filter passes electron-laser testing, providing complete quality. Each filter has individual numbered quality certificate. Test results are kept in computer database of the enterprise.

“SIMPEX” enterprise is the only manufacturer in the World of water – refinement facilities of this type. This filter has ten patents on invention and industrial designs and other trade mark patents.

At present all models are series-produced, 90 % of all manufactured products are exported. Model nomenclature primarily oriented on drinking water provision for people during technogenic and natural disasters within the programs of international humanitarian organizations. These filters were delivered to communities of Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia subjected to radiation pollution, natural disasters, cholera eruption and military actions all around the World.

Simpex enterprise is the official supplier of International Federation of Red Cross, UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations, working in many countries.



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