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The main areas of the enterprise activities are:

1. Engineering- construction and designing, serial manufacture of ecological goods:

 - Water purifying filters NEROX, production of which refers to high-tech sphere. Engineers and designers of the enterprise developed and patented the whole line of the unique models of membrane water purifying filters. NEROX filters are produced on the basis of TRACK MEMBRANE, the application of which refers to NANOTECHNOLOGY. This material with unique purifying properties had been applied for the first time by our enterprise in water refinement devices. Read more...


The water is the basis of life
Filter "NEROX" is:

The water is the basis of life. This remark became too common and banal nowadays. But if we get closer to it we would face the shocking facts: that usual water can contain upto 13.000 potentially dangerous contaminating elements; that 10 million people annuallydie in the world consuming contaminated water. It draws us to conclusion that pure drinkingwater is a privilege and luxury for most of the people.
That is why engineering in the sphere of ecology is the basis of our activity, and productionof goods designed for high quality water purification - is the primary direction.
Our main goal was the...

  • high purification rate
  • full obviousness of the purification results
  • presence of indirect notification system about filter element pollution (decrease of filter productivity)
  • productivity of the filter can be increased by means of joining filter elements
  • filter does not require replacement cartridges, only periodical rinsing is needed
  • filter element is ecologically clean, i.e. does not contain any sorbents and other chemical elements
  • does not depend on the light or water pressure




Humanitarian aid for Philippines (2013)


Pakistan Flood: Filtration System Provides Emergency Water Supply (2007)

Today we provided emergency relief kits to 496 families in the villages of Gaibun and Balochabad. This was our first distribution to include Nerox filters, a water treatment system specifically designed for household use.

Let me just say that the families of Gaibun were overwhelmed by the effectiveness of the filters. More importantly, they now have a way to continuously clean their drinking water for the coming three months, until CRS and other agencies are able to restore their original water supply systems.


UNICEF - supplied water filters helping IDPs (2006)

MANSEHRA, 22, April, 2006- The earthquake that struck Pakistan the 8th of October not only killed more than 70,000 children and adults, and devastated immense parts of the country, it also ruined basic health units, school facilities and water schemes.

Most water schemes were badly damaged, and families were forced to fetch water through natural spring sources, which are often contaminated with containments harmful for human consumption.


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