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Track membrane

Track membrane is made of polymeric films with the solidity 12-23 micron by means of bombarding it with high-energy krypton ions that pierce the film all the way through. Destruction material channels (tracks) are created at the spaces of separate ions. This material is different from the unpierced one with its physical and chemical properties. Strongly equal through holes of cylindrical shape form in position of the tracks when etching the film processed with ions in the alkaline solution. Diameter of these holes may vary in the range from 0,05 to 3 micron depending on the conditions of etching.

A particle accelerator is used for the mass-production of track membranes. The model is U-400, nuclear reaction laboratory of United Institute of Nuclear Researches. It produces up to 1012 ions per second that allows producing track membranes with the solifity of pores in the range of  - 105 -109 pores per square sentimeter. The porosity of such membranes constitutes 10-15%.


The main difference between the track membranes and other types of membranes is the high selectivity of the first ones (all single pores have the same exact diameter with maximum 5% difractions). That is why depending on the functional purpose (filtration of mechanical admixtures, bacterial or virus substances, etc.) the corresponding rating of the track membrane can be chosen, which would be optimal for the certain process of microfiltration.

Usage of the track membrane for the drinking water purification in household and extreme conditions is one of its applied adaptations. According to the researches, the optimal pores diameter for use in the above mentioned conditions is 0,2 - 0,4 micron. With such pores diameter the most widespread hazardous substances present in water are filtered out, and on the other hand the water retains microelements that are vital for the organism of a human. Purposely Research and Production Enterprise "Simpex" has engineered water purification devices "Krymskaya Rosinka" and "NEROX".  

The filters operate due to natural gravity pressure differential. Operating mode of the track membrane with the natural atmosphere pressure 0,1 allows using it as a multi time filter element. It turned out that pores of the membrane practically are not littered up in such mode of application. The whole mass (dirt) that is filtered out stays on the surface of the memnrane and can be easily washed off with the tap water.


The productivity of the filter is up to 15 liters per day, resource constitutes up to 2500 liters of water with periodical ablution as far as productivity is reduced.

Perspective of application of such technology for the water purification purposes is obvious. The work for construction perfection of the products and the model itself is currently in progress.  


RANGE of SIZES of bacteria, viruses, aero- and hydrosols and pore diameters of track-etched membranes


Скол трековой мембраны Track membrane chip.
Латекс (контрольные шарики) Latex (controlling small balls) on surface of the membrane.
Человечкски волос на мембране Lead that was filtered out of the Baykal lake water is shown on the photo.
Бактерии на мембране Filtered out bacteria and microorganism colonies are shown on the photo.
Ламинированная мембрана

Laminated membrane. Pores of the membrane can be observed on the background.

The photo is property of enterprise "Simpex". Use only from the written permission of the owner..

промытая часть мембраны

Compare: this photo was taken after one part of the membrane had been abluted.

The photo is property of enterprise "Simpex". Use only from the written permission of the owner.

Бактерии на мембране

Bacteria colony on the surface of the membrane. One part of the membrane (the upper right corner) was abluted.

The photo is property of enterprise "Simpex". Use only from the written permission of the owner.

очистка вина


  Wine clearing.

очистка водопроводной воды Tap water clearing.
очистка воды от бактерий Water treating from bact


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